"SAS François PIGEONNIER" is specialized in oyster and covers a wide activity in this area

  • The production of oysters in different places
  • The wholesale trading in oysters
  • The sale of oysters conditionned throughout France and Europe

We work in different places


  • Production des of oysters in sea
  • Refining in salt marshes
  • Trading


  • Production in parks

  ►MARENNES (17)

  • Production in parks
  • Refining in marshes
  • selling

This geographic distribution of our activities allows us to obtain better products and ensure a nice quality


We have many oyster parks in Charente Maritime (Marennes, Ile d'Oléron, les Boucholeurs,...) in south Brittany (Larmor Baden), that allow us to optimize the breeding and to offer quality oysters all throughout the year.




 "SAS François PIGEONNIER" also has a large area of salt marshes  (+ 25 hectares), which allows us to refine our oysters.  


 L'affinage dans les claires Pigeonnier


Trading is a major activity of our company. We buy and sell oysters on various French places and at all stages of growth of oysters.

Trading is an important asset to our activity since it allows us to supply ourselves in very good products for selling.




This is the place where we prepare the packaging the  oyster boxes which is located in the heart of the country MARENNES oysters.