1 - Quality :

 Oysters "Fines de claires" :

This is an oyster that after being fished at sea, is stored in a salt marsh called "claires". This phase is called refinement that has to last at least 4 weeks. The oyster that filters water in these places acquires a special and subtil taste. Sometimes the gills of oyster are colored green, which makes it particulary appetizing : this color is due to the development of microscopic algae called 'navicule bleue" that colonizes the "claire". This is a natural and random phenomenon.

Oysters "spéciales des claires" :

In the same way that the "fines de claires", this oyster fished at sea is stored in a salt marsh called "claire" for a period at least 4 weeks, but with a lower density. This is a more fat oyster (the fish inside the shell is bigger). Its taste is more sweet. It is particularly appeciated by gourmets.


2 - Size :

The size of oyster is indexed with a number ranging from number 1 to number 5.

As the number gets large more the oyster is small:

From left to right : oyster N°4, Oyster N°3, Oyster N°2, Oyster N°1

The weight of the oyster is more than 120 grams

The weight of the oyster is between 86 and 120 grams

The weight of the oyster is between 66 and 85 grams

The weight of the oyster is between 46 et 65 grams